Jon Palle Buhl


General information

Alle Jon Palle Buhls advokater er beskikket af Justitsministeriet i Danmark og er en del af Advokatsamfundet. Jon Palle Buhl har tegnet ansvarsforsikring og stillet garanti efter Advokatsamfundets fastsatte regler. Ansvarsforsikringen dækker al advokatvirksomhed, uanset hvor advokatvirksomheden udøves. Ansvarsforsikringsselskabet og garantistilleren er Codan Forsikring A/S, Gl. Kongevej 60, 1790 København V. Jon Palle Buhl anvender ikke lovvalg- og/eller værnetingsklausuler i forhold til klienter.

A detailed description of the regulation of attorneys can be found at (

Jon Palle Buhl has formulated guidelines for the handling of personal data. The guidelines can be found here. her.

Company and banking information

Jon Palle Buhl Law Firm
CVR-nr.: 17 90 02 85
Girokonto: 602 27 90
Danske Bank: 4183 4180 518 614
IBAN: DK 53 30004180518614


Jon Palle Buhl's fees are calculated on the basis of time spent on each case. We also take into account the nature of the task, the financial value of the case, the interests involved and the final result.

Invoices are normally issued upon the finalisation of a case. However, in lengthier cases or where the client has a large portfolio of individual matters, invoices can be issued quarterly, bi-annually or annually, as arranged with our clients on a case-by-case basis. In some cases, we ask for a payment on account.

While the high standards of our work are reflected in our fees, we attach great importance to openness about our fees and the relationship between the final fee and the assistance offered to our clients.

Provisions on money laundering

The Jon Palle Buhl Law Firm is subject to the Danish Act on Precautionary Measures for the Prevention of Money Laundering and Financing of Terrorism. The Act prescribes that under certain conditions we are obligated to obtain and store information on our client’s identity.

Furthermore, pursuant to the provisions of the money laundering act, in some situations we are obligated to notify the State Prosecutor for Special Crime in case of suspicion that a transaction, funds or an activity have or have had a connection to money laundering or financing of terrorism. In case of such notice, the stored information on identity may be delivered to the State Prosecutor for Special Crimes.

In accordance with the Act, the information on identity received will be kept on our file for a minimum of 5 years after the client relations have ceased.

Client funds

All client funds entrusted to Jon Palle Buhl are deposited in and incur interest on client accounts with our bank.

Jon Palle Buhl is not liable for client funds deposited with our bank in the event that the bank in question becomes distressed. As of June 1, 2015 client funds deposited on client accounts with our bank are subject to the general rules on deposit guarantees and are thus subject to a general limitation of EUR 100,000 per client covering all accounts held by the client with the bank in question. This means that if the client/the client’s company has a deposit in his/her/its own bank account and on a Jon Palle Buhl client account in the same bank, then the client is only covered for up to EUR 100,000 by the deposit guarantee of the total amount deposited in the bank.

Jon Palle Buhl uses Danske Bank and Jyske Bank as its bank connections, and the client may contact the responsible partner for information about which of the two banks, the client's funds are deposited.


In case the client is not satisfied with the legal services of the Jon Palle Buhl Law Firm, the client is encouraged to contact the responsible partner on the case.
Jon Palle Buhl is subject to the general rules of the Danish Bar and Law Society (De advokatetiske regler) and the client may file a complaint about the counseling or the professional fees to the Disciplinary Board of the Danish Bar and Law Society (Advokatnævnet) at the following address: Advokatnævnet, Kronprinsessegade 28, DK-1306 Copenhagen K, e-mail: